Young earth radiometric dating

This serves as strong evidence for the reliability of radiometric dating methods. These isotopes differ in the number of neutrons they have in their nuclei.Those isotopes that are not stable decay into daughter nuclei.Indicator 1: Radiometric dating involves circular reasoning: This technique gives meaningless results.Scientists who measure the age of rocks generally ask in advance what the age of the rocks is expected to be.Indicator 2: Radiometric dating is inaccurate: During the worldwide flood of Noah, there were massive pressures on the earth's rocks which caused major changes to their isotope content.

The ratio of 3He/4He increases over time as 4He is produced by the decay of uranium and thorium.

These ratios have been found at hot spot locations such as Hawaii, and are consistently different than the basalts of the mid-ocean ridges.... Valich , 12 February 2007 (UTC) The section "Short-range dating techniques" in this article contain interesting descriptions concerning various dating methods such as dendrochronology, "varve analysis", "hydration dating" or "obsidian dating", and thermoluminescence. I thought U/U, Sr/Nd, Sr-Nd-Pb were radiometric datings but on further research I see they are isotope ratios.

A better interpretation would be that the high 3He/4He ratio arises from a deficiency in 4He in the upper mantle caused by low U Th areas, and thus low rate of addition of radiogenic 4He." also referred to in the book "Radioactive and Stable Isotope Geology" by Hans-Gunter Attendorn and Robert N. Strictly speaking, however, those methods do not belong to the topic of Radiometric dating, the current title of this article. Valich , 10 September 2006 (UTC) I understand that the half-life of a radio-isotope is unaffected by temperature, pressure, etc.

Plates are moving at different speeds with some moving away from each other and other running into each other.

How the plates interact explains much about the origins of earthquakes and volcanoes. It compares two different estimates of how quickly the earth’s plates are moving in the Middle East.

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