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For purposes of this walkthrough, you will use two methods that have been mapped to stored procedures in the Northwind sample database: Cust Orders Detail and Cust Order Hist.

This walkthrough does not rely on the Object Relational Designer.DECLARE @Sales YTDBy Sales Person money; -- Execute the procedure specifying a last name for the input parameter -- and saving the output value in the variable @Sales YTDBy Sales Person EXECUTE Get Employee Sales YTD N' Blythe', @Sales YTD = @Sales YTDBy Sales Person OUTPUT; -- Display the value returned by the procedure.PRINT ' Year-to-date sales for this employee is ' convert(varchar(10),@Sales YTDBy Sales Person); GO Input values can also be specified for OUTPUT parameters when the procedure is executed.If the routine name is the same as the name of a built-in SQL function, a syntax error occurs unless you use a space between the name and the following parenthesis when defining the routine or invoking it later.For this reason, avoid using the names of existing SQL functions for your own stored routines.

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