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It has been dismissed as a ghastly specimen of sentimental kitsch.Most commonly, though, it has been celebrated as an affecting snapshot of Americans at their best: jumbled together, disparate of background, yet coexisting peacefully.Our kids wanted to sign up for next year from the moment they arrived. We are thankful for what this place has done for our family's relationship with Christ. The counselors have exceeded my expectations far and above all we imagined for our four kids. We'll make it clear when you arrive that we want you to feel like this is YOUR vacation!Their love and attention, affirmation and encouragement have poured out and filled to overflowing all six of us. K-Kauai pricing is dependent on how many people are in your family and their age. Our staff's desire is to serve and attend to your family in any way they can.During a week at K-Kauai, your family will be ministered to and refreshed through activities, games, family event nights, parents' nights, and more! You are also invited to visit us the next time you are in the Branson, Missouri area! Trunks are not a requirement, but they make transporting and keeping luggage clean, organized, and convenient. You can check your balance, set-up monthly payments or make a payment by visiting All sporting equipment will be provided for your Kamper. Personal gear can be used, but there is limited storage space and Kanakuk Ministries cannot be held liable for loss or damage to personal sports equipment. My girls say that Family Kamp makes them think about how amazing heaven will be.In this short video you can see where Kanakuk campers will stay, play and learn while at Kamp. Our cup has been filled to the point of overflowing, and we are ready to go pour out Christ’s love.

With photographs excerpted from a new book by Ron Schick, the author explores the divide between Rockwell’s rocky private life and his sunny small-town iconography, the elaborate studies behind his paintings, and the truth that lies in his idealized vision of his country—resonating more deeply than ever today. In a crowded railway-station diner, an old woman and a little boy bow their heads in prayer before eating.

Zoom out a bit farther and you’ll notice two more observers taking in the scene: a hardened middle-aged man standing off to the left (waiting for a table?

) and a seated fellow in the foreground, winding up his meal with coffee and a cigar.

Every day at Kanakuk boys and girls enjoy days filled with over 70 activities and sports including: waterslides, zip lines, blobbing, archery, rappelling, rock climbing and amazing theme parties.

Since 1926, Kanakuk has been the Christian summer camp for over 300,000 youth.

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