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The Better Business Bureau reports that the company lost its accreditation in July.Many of the complaints have to do with billing issues and people not being able to cancel their subscriptions.“They have not answered questions as to how long they did this how many people were duped into joining or plentyoffish because they saw this handsome military guy in full uniform, square jaw and said ‘wow I want to sign up and meet this military man looking for love.'” TRUE takes these allegations very seriously and will fully investigate this matter. We assure the family that we will fully investigate this matter and take appropriate action once we have the full details of the matter.TRUE has long been a supporter of our brave military (including working with the USO in the past and offering free accounts to active members of the military). Management of would never knowingly use a photo of a fallen soldier to promote our business and looks forward to getting the necessary details in order to take appropriate action. The ad has been blocked from appearing on in accordance with the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions.Jupiter Research says some 30 million Americans now peruse online dating sites, and they spend close to 0 million looking for love online. "It is incredibly dangerous, and we are quite upset that somebody in the category is attempting to communicate to anyone that they are truly safe on their online dating service. If someone claims a community that's 100 percent free of people with bad backgrounds, of people who are not who they say they are, they are deceiving users," he says.True, which opened in November, now claims it has half a million members. Vest concedes the service isn't perfect, but thinks it's a good start -- particularly in an industry that's still beating back a perception that online dating is rife with people who misrepresent themselves.

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“We know people may be looking for a date on Valentine’s Day and trying to decide which business to choose to find that special someone,” said Phylissa Landix of the Dallas BBB.

The site also plans to add systematic screening for marital status soon. "We are very cautious about implementing something that is incomplete.

"I wanted to provide a wholesome environment for courtship," says CEO Herb Vest, who actually met his wife on a blind date. The first thing to do is to screen out people who are married and ex-felons." While explosive growth in the industry has slowed, online dating sites remain one of the most lucrative categories in e-commerce, and new entrants like True, formerly True, continue to flood the Internet. [It] could lead members to develop a false sense of security," Sullivan said.

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